About diribo – The product search engine

The challenge

Finding the right product for your task can often be extremely time-consuming and can also be expensive. Visiting many websites does not always lead to the desired search result. After many clicks, you determine that the provider that you have found does not stock the product that you were searching for.

The solution: diribo – the product search engine

The diribo product search engine leads to the desired result via product attributes. This happens with just a few mouse clicks, very quickly and accurately. If the product type, e.g. pressure sensor, is selected in diribo, the right product can be determined by selecting the product attributes you are looking for, such as pressure range, connection option and temperature range. All products which have exactly the attributes you were searching for are displayed. You have direct contact with the providers via mouse click. In addition to detailed product data, diribo also provides information about the product prices and the delivery times.

It's the user benefit that matters!

The maximum benefit for you as the user was and is the main focus of all considerations during the development of the diribo product portal. diribo will optimally support you with a quick and accurate product search. The service provider search is also a real timesaver, meaning that precious time can be used for the actual tasks.

The providers in diribo

Each participating provider not only invests in their products but also support the customers in their work. Because every registered product and every entry in the provider directory increases the quality of the search results for the user. We would like to thank all of our participating providers for providing this customer support!